[icon name=icon-calendar] 1st Friday of the month

[icon name=icon-time] Usually 6pm - Check events page for details.

[icon name=icon-map-marker] New Life sanctuary



Burn is the fruit of New Life's value for extended times of spontaneous worship and desire to venture into the depths of God's Glory. This worship night is started in hunger to fan the fire of the first love through deep adoration and enjoyment with Jesus. 

We come together for to sing, dance, delight and bask in the presence of our King. Once a month we join with our friends and other churches around the city to have some fun worship and laughter times together with the Spirit. 

From intimate soaking to joyous Glory celebrations, Burn is about enjoying God and being refreshed again in His embrace. 

Come join and lets be encouraged in the Lord together! 

If you would like to find out more of the history behind BURN you can check it out at BURN 24/7. A worship movement after the worshipping heart of David & his tent of 24 hour worship, St. Francis of Assisi, the Moravians and many more.