The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Understanding why Jesus died is understanding the thrilling and ecstatic joy that the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit all share. Out of this beautiful and passionate relationship comes the reason for our existence. It began in eternity — the astonishing decision of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to include us in Their circle of love. And now, through Jesus, a human being lives and abides and communes in the Godhead! And to those who have entered this place of abiding, we have found the Lover of our souls. This communion between Christ and His Bride has also become a stronghold and a shelter from the storms and trials of life. Despite our weaknesses, we are altogether lovely in His eyes.


Through Him we live, abide and commune with the Godhead


Jesus prayed,

“Father, I want them with Me, these You’ve given Me, so that they can see My glory.” (John 17:24)

We are His beloved Bride! This has been the plan from before the foundation of the world. Before creation. Jesus’ death was the expression of the desire of the Father to have us in unity with Him. It is His relentless passion to have us as His children that pushed Jesus to the cross. Our identity and our relationship with God and with one another and with creation were all fundamentally changed through this one Man, Jesus.

You see Adam was never a prototype. From eternity God's purpose was that man would be conformed to Jesus Christ not Adam. God chose us in Christ before Adam's fall.  He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4). God's purpose from the beginning was to make man in Christ's likeness. Man, transformed into the image of Christ, is the pinnacle of truth, the greatest revelation of God's purpose for humanity.

We are being formed in Christ's image when we refuse to retaliate and with a heart of love, forgive and intercede for our enemies. Here love is perfected and resurrection power explodes into our lives and those around us.  This is the Bride walking in the reproach of Christ and sharing in His death! This is the union of love and the outpouring of His life in and through us. This is the life of the laid-down lover.


You are invited to partake and to be transformed


And the last great move of God in the earth will be distinguished by overwhelming love, a baptism of love, poured out from Christ to His people and returned to Him. For those who truly long for Jesus there will come, in ever-increasing waves, Christ’s deep, fulfilling love. Yes, His cross shall break us and His holiness shall purify us. But it shall be His love that floods our being.

This is His Love Feast. This is His Covenant of Love for you, which can never be broken. It is from everlasting to everlasting. His love is stronger than any sin, any weakness, any sickness, any doubt, any fear in our lives and this love is stronger than death. It is a love, that if we are willing to embrace, will transform our lives. You have been invited to be part of the greatest love feast of all time. To live in intimate union with the Beloved, our Father and the Holy Spirit.