A Heart Like David's

David was a man after God’s own heart! ....what was that heart? 

Was its the area of moral purity? I don't think so. David blew that one. Was it in the area of honesty and integrity? Uriah would probably not agree with that one. Was it in David's ability to keep the law? He didn't do that one too well either.  

David had a heart that longed for the presence of God to dwell with men. That has always been God’s heart – "To dwell with men, to be their God and they His people." 

David worshipped in order to gain the presence and release God’s heart. 

David battled God's enemies in order to gain the presence and release God’s heart. 

David built a tent of meeting in order to gain the presence and release God’s heart. 

David retrieved the Ark in order to gain the presence and release God’s heart.  

David instructed his son to build a house for God in order to gain the presence and release God’s heart.


It has always been the heart of God to dwell among His people


God's heart has always been to dwell with men and David lived his life to see this happen. He abandoned himself to this purpose and this passion drove his heart to line up with the heart of God. 

David blew it so many times. There are entire chapters in scripture set aside to tell us about his failings. Yet God blessed David and declared him to be a man with a heart after His own heart. 

So, with the observation that David's heart was a heart after God’s own desire to be with men and to dwell with them and that it was this desire and not David’s goodness that pleased God – what is the most important issue in the Church right now? Is it being a Sheriff going after wrong doctrine? I don't think so. Is it going after faulty leaders and teachers? I don't think so. 

The most important issue in the church right now is "There has got to be a place for the presence of God to dwell with men!" Where there are people going after wrong doctrine and faulty leaders there is always rules and regulations that turn to religion and death. It becomes "do this" and "don't do that.” This doesn't attract His presence. 

Where there is a heart to see God's presence sometimes it doesn't always look so pretty, just like David's life. But we don't want to become like Michal, David’s wife, who despised David's abandoned, one-track heart and, as a result, she became barren. Much of the Church is barren because it has the heart of Michal, despising abandoned worship and, instead, going after sound doctrine. 

Man’s observation have never led to a move of God even if the intention is to honor God by doing right. But seeking His presence always leads to the goodness of God, which leads to repentance.


The Presence always leads to goodness, and goodness transforms


If we want to see Him come down then our hearts have to reflect this abandoned thought and intend to reflect, “that God would dwell with men." We must come boldly before the throne of grace and become totally abandoned to this cause – even if we look silly. 

God calls us to be a living sacrifice. It’s alive. Not dead with law and rules but alive and acceptable because of the blood of Jesus. It's not the sacrifice that's important, it’s God’s acceptance of the sacrifice and that can only happen if we put Jesus on like a garment and be in His presence. 

Laid down abandoned love that rejoices in His works and not our own works, is what brings His presence. Not doctrine or works or structures or methods or programs. Just a laid down love and acceptance of the gift of grace and mercy that brought me, with an unimaginable price, to Jesus. 

In His presence His blood will do its work and bring us into our destiny, as a living sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to Him. Outside of Him there is no life. So, "going after good doctrine" is not going to produce a sweet smelling sacrifice. Going after His presence will. 

Even if, like David, you have a few issues, the best place for you is to run into Him and into His presence and in that place of abandoned love you will see the life you desire.