Trusting in the Father's Wisdom & Love

It can be very uncomfortable being in new, unpredictable or uncertain times, feeling as if God is not right there with us or saying anything at all (even though He is ever present and sees and hears all things). It may lead us to either choose frustration and perhaps make huge efforts to try to control the situation, or instead, take the invitation of trusting God like we never had before. 

Trusting anyone is an act of yielding, giving and even honoring. Trusting God can include letting go of things we may hold dear and regard highly, only to be released to His highest wisdom - which is beyond all the wisdom we have ever known. Yet God desires to give us more; to expand the dimensions of the wisdom He already gave us.


An invitation to increase trust is also an invitation to greater rest


An invitation to increase our trust in God is also an invitation to greater rest; a cease from exhaustion, striving and trying to figure out the course of things we cannot foresee. We can rest in His living promise that claims only goodness and unfailing love shall pursue us all the days of our lives(Psalm 23, Jewish Translation). 

I had an experience recently where the only thing I had and valued the most in life (apart from God) was under attack – my freedom. I had never experienced anything as awful as this. Firstly, I cried to God because of His truth and love for me. Then I tried running to Him. In the past, whether in happy or difficult times, I would have felt connected to Him and I would have celebrated, or I would have heard His counsel and been tenderly comforted. However, at this moment, even though I needed God more than ever, to my shock there was no answer. 

I tried in vain to do everything that came to mind. I could do nothing to fix myself. I prayed, I worshipped, I read Scripture, I asked beautiful brothers and sisters to pray for me; nothing I did was enough. I was tired. I realized I had run out of options. “What’s next?” I wondered in an inexpressible state. I didn’t know the answer but I knew something had to happen or be done. I searched for God but I could not feel Him – God felt like a dim memory.


Indeed, God is our resting place


I was sobbing when I felt Holy Spirit say to me, “you have died to yourself. Only Jesus lives in you and only He could do something for you.” I felt deeply relieved. I said to Him, “that’s good. I don’t have to do anything,” and a sense of peace and rest came knowing that I don’t even have to try to show Jesus through me. I could just be me! “Thank you Lord for your incredible freedom!” I exclaimed. I could never have imagined that freedom felt this way! I felt privileged to have experienced His move of wisdom in action. 

I was enjoying this deep rest in Jesus, going from strength to strength, when all of the sudden there was a setback. How could it be! I could not understand it. But through the midst of it all, God, who is my Father, exhorted me to trust Him! He broke through and brought so much blessing towards my enjoyment of freedom in life – an upgrade of what it was. 

The blessings continue to flow and I feel Father is very detailed! Not long ago, I had experienced a broader understanding of peace, rest and witnessed God’s wisdom when Holy Spirit called my attention towards Jesus. Now I have experienced joy and the magnificent love character of my Father! God’s ways are perfect and proven (2 Samuel, 22:31). 

The truth is that almighty and all-powerful God has our best interest at all times! 

May God take you to the highest mountain to let your eyes see your past, present and future victories and nothing less than His truth in them because of who you are and who God is! 

Indeed, God is your resting place.